Prom and Teen, School Disco

Your once a year event, the school prom. It is important to get this right and Sounds Wicked Disco will provide all your needs for a great teen or school prom night.

I have the right sound equipment, lighting and special effects to make your night memorable. Your DJ is vastly experienced in music choice and can even theme the night for you for those special events.

The DJ

  • I know the music and looks the part.
  • I will dress for the occasion whether it be a Dinner suit or jeans & T-Shirt
  • I will play music as requested e.g. R&B/ Rock/ Party/ Cheese or whatever is asked for
  • I will make announcements and organize competitions if required

The Equipment

  • I will always use a decent sound system with extra bass for those larger parties
  • I will always provide a good lightshow
  • I can provide smoke, bubble and laser shows as optional extras if required

Events covered

  • School / College Proms
  • Junior Football / Swimming / Tennis Club Discos
  • Young Teen's Parties and 18th Birthdays

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